OctaHacks 4.0


November 2021
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Octahacks 4 was a Success. See you next year with Octahacks 5
Octahacks 4.0
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About Us

OctaHacks is the annual flagship event of GDSC, Chitkara University , where innovators get an opportunity to merge their creative ideas with their technical skills to build something exemplary. Expect more than 36 hours of inspiring panel discussions, working and collaborating on futuristic and empowering tech products, networking opportunities.


As the name suggests, Octahacks comprises 8 themes or impact areas to help spark your ideas. Remember that youʼre welcome to build the prototype with the technologies of your choice, so feel free to use any technology and think outside the box too!


Smart Cities is a space in which developers, entrepreneurs, designers, professors, researchers and persons interested in making their city a better place can gather to build in a collaboratively fashion a solution that makes our city more efficient and intelligent.



Security-related issues are growing. The programs for public safety lack and also the increased use of automated technologies is also driving an increase in the advancement of the need for proper security systems.



From mobile payments to internet banking, an increased number of consumers are adopting fintech solutions today, and therefore there are a lot of exciting career options in this space.



The increase in patients has led to the decrease in the relative number of doctors per patient which results in a vicous cycle where ignored or delayed diagnostics of an ailment makes the patient more dependent on doctor's check-up. Some also cannot afford to visit a doctor.



As technology is evolving, Business are accelerating their investments in innovation and digital advancements. Today, in this fast trending world, many innovative ideas have turned into significant business adventures. Here, we are looking forward to our next Facebook, Uber or Zomato.



Everything you know about Women Safety is set to change. From self-driving cars to ride-hailing to micro-mobility, we are in the process of completely reinventing how people move. And while we do know that everything is about to change, we still need to figure out how.



We are advancing in technology at a very rapid rate. But this development has made our nature suffer. It is considered more important to expand cities than to save trees.



A large part of our population is still not able to recieve proper education due to lack of resources. Education is important for everyone,but only a few have access to it. Children of poor families tend to move frequently, which disrupts their education.



Just to incentivise your hard work and effort over those 36 hours we have prizes, cash rewards and more lined up for the top performers by our generous Sponsors. Swags and goodies are for everyone but for the ones with the most creative and innovative projects we have more lined up!!!



Organizer, GDG Jalandhar | Google Developers Expert for Firebase & Web Technologies

Rahul Rana

Frontend Lead (L4) at Uber Lead | Ex-Directi (Flock) | Ex-Rivigo | Javascript | React JS | Frontend

Varsha Jaiswal

Organizer at GDG Jalandhar | #IamRemarkable Gold Facilitator | WTM Ambassador

Aprajay Verma

Founder GoGurukul

Saurabh Thakur

Software Development Engineer at Clarisights


To guide you throughout your journey

Abhinav Srivastava

Incoming SDE intern at Amazon

Rahul Goyal

Backend Engineer @Smallcase

Priyal Jain

Senior Software Engineer @ HotWax Systems

Abhay Sharma

Frontend Developer @ smallcase

Sri Laasya Nutheti

Research Intern at MIT, and IIT Madras

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